#shopping: thrift-shop haul

Many people I know are disgust by the idea of ‘second hand-stuff’. And to be honest I don’t get that fact. People are screaming about the fact that we need to take care of our planet and etc. Well my dearies, that’s why I prefer to go to thrift-shops. Cheap stuff and most of the time good quality or at least that’s what I’ve seen from my previous experiences. So today I went with my granparents to a shop in my hometown :). I will show you what I’ve bought! So enjoy it ūüėČ

Skirt h&m: ‚ā¨2,50
Books: ‚ā¨4,80 price for the three books

The hangover part II : ‚ā¨1,75

Do you guys go to thrift shops? What kind of things do you buy and how often do you go ?
‚̧ Emma


Beauty: From long to short hair

We all know the famous question from woman:’ Should I cut my hair shorter? ‘ If you ask that question to me, you will get always the same response: Just do it! Why should you be afraid of cutting your hair? Okay, maybe you have saved your hairs for 5 years but that doesn’t mean you can try to change a bit. Your hair will always grow back, and if you don’t believe me? Just watch!¬†

It’s been a year now since I decided to do something different with my hair.It was dead, didn’t have volume, my curls were weird and it was time for me to move on. If you know me very well, everytime I do something with my hair, It’s just to start a new chapter in life.


So what do you guys think? short or long hair :)?

‚̧ Emma

Feelings: A letter to Niels

If you have read a previous blogpost, you might have noticed that I lost my little Nephew. He was born dead, and I totally didn’t know how I should deal with this lost. In my opinion it was all a bit weird. But 2 weeks after his dead, I’m now able to express my feelings. Or something like that. It’s still not easy but ¬†I really needed to express all my feelings towards this topic.

Dear Niels,

You will not understand ¬†a thing of what I will write here, you will never be able to hear this but this will help me to tell everything I want to tell you. What is life? Many people will say beautiful things about it and I’m probably the worst person to ask it. Yes, life is special and you will never be able to find out why it is so special. Growing up is something you will never do. Some¬†children¬†want to grow¬†up fast, but I can say that it is not important. I could advice to grow up slowly. Be a child as long as possible. But hey again, it is not possible for you. My life has been horrible and still is. But that doesn’t mean your life would be like that. Even now I don’t find the words to say how I feel towards you. You should just know that you were a very welcome little wonder and it hurts to think that I will never see you growing up. I only saw you when you were already gone. Only 25 weeks and a pretty little boy. It’s hard to bury someone you really want to meet but didn’t have the chance to. I still cry at night. Just because it’s so unfair you didn’t have the chance to be alive.
I’ve been to your grave today with your mom and dad. So sad hunny. But hey, maybe there is a small chance I will meet you there. So bye Hunny and ¬†I hope you have find a good place to rest ‚̧

Life-update: TV

So as you know I’m spending my holliday at my grandparents place. I still have my own room but not that many things to do. But what are my activities? Let’s say it’s kinda always the same. I go out sporting and walk an for an hour 3 times a day. In the afternoon I go to the caf√© with my grandfather and do some stuff like going to the supermarket. And I watch a lot of television.

As you, human being ,where able to read in the last post I’ve made, I’m addicted by the big bang theory. Since it’s holiday and I’ve time to watch it, I keep a marathon.. Many will call me crazy but I feel very related to kind off all the characters. Leonard is more the normal nerdy and dreamer side of me. I was kinda very happy when he and Penny were finally together. Sheldon is obviously my autistic side. Some of his behaviours, I can totally relate to since they are exactly the same as mine! Rajsh is more my funny ¬†and exotic side. Hoard is my weird and failed romantic side. So eventually I can relate to them all and I can really enjoy watching their adventure all together.

A show I have found this week is called ‘Father Brown’. A pastor in the 50’s who ‘helps’ the local sheriff with solving crimes. It’s kinda a really funny British detective serie and I recommend it to everyone!

So this is kinda what I do when I don’t have anything to do. And I forgot to tell you that there was something wrong with my laptop. But everything is now fine and I can easily blog again :D.¬†

‚̧ Emma

Challenge: 100 things that make me happy

So I’m going to list the 100 things that make me happy. So enjoy reading it!

1. Drinking COKE: regular, Life and Vanilla
2. Go out for a walk
3. Drumming
4. Scouting
5. Traveling
6. Receiving a nice text
7. A nice letter/postcard in my postbox
8. Finding a new song
9. Go to a concert
10. Go out with friends


11. Meeting new people
12. Dancing
13. magazines
14. skating
15. Watching a good movie
16. Being around animals
17. Dyeing my hair
18.Having a new follower on pinterest
19. People who like my blogposts
20.When people care about me


21. Finding new places
22. Rain
23. Eating my favourite dish
24. receiving a random gift
25. Finding an interesting youtube channel
26. Get a hug
27. Having more money on my account than I orriginally thought
28.Finding an interesting job
29. Trying local food
30. Reading a good book


32. Have a nice cup of tea
33. A smile from a stranger
34. Spring cleaning
35. Reorganizing stuff
36. A clean room
37. Nice make-up
38. Playing with my sister
39. Find something that I lost for ages
40. Get stuff done


41. Making other people happy
42. Taking a bad
43. Art
44. Photography
45. Tattoos
46. Memories
47. The smell of rain
48. When somebody is able to make me laugh
49. When someone draws something for me
50. flowers


51. Horror movies
52. My project x
53. Watching my favourite series
54. Walking at the seaside
55. Walking in the forest
56. Reading a magazine
57. Seeing old friends
58. Watching the sunset
59. compliments from strangers
60. Getting a new haircut


61. Petting Animals
62. Falling In Love
63. lightning and thunder
64. Coming back to my hometown
65. Going back to places I belong
66. Findig the perfect dress
67. Meerkats
68. Singing out loud
69. Go to a mbar
70. Having a grimm marathon


71. Seeing an old couple 

72. Reading comics 

73. Being alone

74. Eating great food

75. Find the perfect book in the libarary

76. Cold but sunny weather

77. Eating my favourite sandwich

78. Watching the big bang theory over and over

79. Moomins

80.  Seeing the people I love being happy


81. Going out with my family

82. Café laté

83. A good run

84. Last day of my period

85. Getting paid

86.playing runescape

87. Seeing a spider

88. Tuesdays

89. Discovering family stuff

90. Listening to a song I didn’t hear for ages


91. Visiting Family

92. Having a sleep over

93. Baking cupcakes

94. Having new stamps in my collection

95. Go out for dinner

96. Lush products

97.  Yoga

98. a long nap

99. Getting releaved of a migraine attack.

100. Noticing people reading my blog


So guys this was my small challenge! And yes, as you might have noticed, there is a probmen but I will explain that tomorrow . And it’s only a writing problem so don’t worry ;).

So what makes you guys happy :)?

‚̧ Emma

#Life-update: Work and something is killing me

So hey human beings,

Today was the first day in a long while that I needed to go to work again. Exciting! Since I’ve only slept for 2 hours it was kinda harsh for me. Yes, I’ve only slept for two hours since things are still running into my head. Anyway it was pleasant to work again and the day went pretty fast like it has to go on sunday! I work at a local supermarket at the meat department. So I need to cut meat for human being to eat it between¬†their¬†slices of bread. Yes, how¬†interesting¬†is that? It is as¬†interesting¬†as the¬†fact¬†that I’ve slept the whole afternoon and that I¬†should¬†definitely¬†clean my room.

So why could I not just go to sleep? Easy go and easy come. Some of you might already noticed but my nephew was born dead. And yes it makes me think a lot about what life is.¬†I Think¬†it is something weird. Why are we here? Is it¬†coincidence¬†we live in this era? I know a lot of other people just think this whole life-thing is as logic as a bra but for me it isn’t. I’m a thinker and maybe I overthink these kind of things but hey, I guess we won’t die of it.

My small problem is that I fell lonely righ now. I see my friends and talk with them everyday. I go to ¬†the caf√© with my grandfather and talk with¬†a lot of people. Still it feels like I’m the loneliest person in the world. Maybe it has to do with what I wrote down yesterday, but I don’t have a clear view on that. So I’m now just guessing what’s up witth me.

So guys  I have ne important question for you all. What kind of blog do you want to see overhere? I have many ideas but I was wondering if you guys had a certain view or wantted to know something more about me :).

Peace Out
‚̧ Emma

#Life-update: How I still get so wrong when it comes to trust people

Heya peeps,

This is the more detailed version of the mental care post of yesterday. It was again the breaking point of a lot off events. Some of the events are not that horrible, other broke me completely down. 

So this story begins almost one month ago when I was drunk and explained some feelings to one of my friends. First of all I don’t remember¬†completely¬†what I said to him so it’s his word against mine. But never mind. We didn’t talk anymore after this accident because I had other problems in my head. So yesterday, one of my friends told me that he said what¬†happened¬†to the whole. I was like wtf do you do something like that? I mean come on! first off all¬†when I’m drunk I say stupid things and I’m able¬†exaggerate everything! And since I don’t know hat I said I can’t confirm or deny what I said. In my head it is pretty¬†pathetic if you don’t talk to me about the incident but tell just the hole group about the event. My friend said that thee group doesn’t care about it, but what has this to do whit my feelings?. I mean,he broke my trust and our friendship with just doing this. It was different for me if he talked to only one or 2 persons but the whole group?¬†¬†¬†

Maybe I¬†exaggerate as well at the moment, but it feels likes betrayal. In my opinion this is just how to fuck a friendship¬†¬†up. For me talking is a very interesting thing to do and you need to do it as well. But for me their is just¬†the¬†huge difference if you already talked to the¬†other person or not. And yes I have problems with trusting people and this was the person where I just fell really¬†comfortable¬†with him. I was not¬†afraid¬†to be myself and just talk¬†about¬†everything what’s on my mind. So yes, you will probably think that I will still be able to do this. But to be honest? For my feelings it is not possible at all. I wish it was ¬†but unfo it’s totally not. I don’t need an ‘I’m sorry’, I just want a conversation. And I can’t start the conversation since I’m really hurt at the moment.

So this is one of the things that fucked me so up. And I know it’s rather a small thing but for me it’s a big deal.¬†

‚̧ Emma