#Traveling: 7 Things I hate about traveling/travelers

*Warning* This is just a list of thing I don’t like. Please do not be offended by anything.

1. Public transport

Yes my dearies, I officially hate public transport. Why? for example I needed to go to the airport in Charleroi and needed to be there at 4:45. Unfortunately I needed to take the train the day before  at 20:20 and needed to take a bus so I was at the airport at 22:45.  When basicly my flight was at 6:45. Is this a real reason to be mad? No, not really. But the public transport in Belgium is pretty sad. Pretty always Delayed, having some problems with their system or ith the elektricity.So yeah I hate public transport.

2. The ‘greece- traveler’

Aah so you finally found someone who travelled to the same country as you did. How wonderful is it? I like to talk with these people but not to the Greece-traveler. 9 out of 10 people who went there, went to the islands. So yes, I know how beautiful it is and how friendly everyone is, but no my dear, you didn’t see the ‘real’ Greece.  And I’m not going to  say that I have seen every part of Greece but at least I know the big difference between the mainland and the island. Unfo the mainland is not that pretty. It has his character of course but it is completely different than the islands.

3. Yes, we love tourists but no we don’t care about the language

As someone who traveled in some European countries, I can say that I really hate it when you are i a very touristic place and thay don’t speak English at all. I think the best example are Italy and France. Some of he regions say that their only income is tourism, so I’m now asking what is the problem with speaking English to them? If you really love hem, try to hlp this little people!

4. Noisy people in your dorm

Basicly I don’t care if people have sex in my dorm. I will just sleep or be on my phone. But no it’s not okay to make a pornactors sound for example! I love sleeping in hostels but sometimes the other people can just make me so angry. Basically the last time I slept in a dorm was one with six beds. I’ve me the couple before I went to bed. But there were 2 other dudes who came in the room at 6:30 in he morning. No problem for me but it is if you start to shine with your phone in my face! I mean why the hell do you do that? It’s not that I was a monster that was random lying in a bed!

5. the ‘Belgium-travelers’

Actually they do Exist, people who travel o Belgium!  I’m always very excited when someone tell me that he is going to visit Belgium! But then the big question is to which city are you going to? 9/10 times I hear :’ Brussels’. please human beings, if you visit Belgium come to Antwerp, Ghent or Bruges. Yes  of course you can go to Brussels but it is really not the most nicest city in Belgium. Seriously, it’s not that ‘cool’ as it looks like.  Butt still go of course for one day to it or just  isit me in my city you know.

6. packing

Do I need to say more? I mean you need yo check if you haven’t forgotten anything and if you did? well that sucks! 

7. sitting on a b- or e-number in a plain

Even though I’m pretty small, I  hate to sit in those places. Basically everytime I sit there, the people next to me try to claim my chair. I mean why? okay, evenfor me sometimes the space is not big enough but still. STOP STEALING MY SPACE!

So basically these are the main things I hate. I know that not many of them or common and if I can be honest? Most of the annoying things didn’t happen to me since I’m only traveling in Europe for now.

So what do you hate about traveling?

xxx Emma


#Travelling: Why you should go to Bucharest

So my dearies since I’ve returned back from the beautiful city of Bucharest, it was logical for me to write a blogpost over this really magical city.


Food in Bucharest is really good. You can have a very  delicious traditional meal or choose for something more intercontinental. Since I’m not really that much fund of the Romanian kitchen, I decided to eat more ‘normal’ intercontinental food e.g. Pasta Carbonara. For a western European human hee food was pretty cheap, between 20-35 lei *, and was really well done for that price! Also you can find many Greek restaurants, durum and pizza! Ad yes they have mcdonalds and KFC ( but please, try to avoid it).

Architectures/museums/things you need to see

Even though Romania is a post-communist country, it has a lot of new buildings as well! I loved the differences between the old and new buildings who are very obvious. I love contrasts in the street. Of course, I can’t visit cities without going to musea. You have a lot of them in Bucharest and for every kind of interest there is at least one museum you will like.
Something I like as well is that Bucharest is a real green city. You got many different parks through the whole city! And you can rent a bike at many places , soo rent that bike and gotta love the nature in the city!
Churches, churches everywhere! Yes, Bucharest is also a city with many religions and with many houses of pray. A lot of hem are very beautiful and at least you need to see one of them from the inside!

Hotels/ Hostels

In bucharest you can have any kind of accommodation you want. Since I’m just a poor student, I decided to stay in a hostel named :’ Doors hostel’. If you don’t like mixed dorms or more alternative people. Stay away from this one! But if I can be honet? I really loved his hostel! The dorms where  very pretty and the people where very friendly. here is a nice  garden to sit and there is always something interesting going on! So I really recommend this one.


Yes peeps, The nightlife in Bucharest is something very special! Everyday you can go somewhere to party and for every kind of partier, there is something to do. For example my favourite one is The Goblin. It’s an underground party-zone  with urban and underground music. Really nice and cheap drinks again for the West- European citizen.

Overall, I give this city a 8.5 . This means that this is officially my y second loveliest city in Europe. So yes, you should visit it!

xxxx Emma

#life-update: EYP is life, EYP is Love

Many of the people in my environment never get how I could spend so many money on just a stupid event where you only discuss with people about unimportant things in the EU. But apparently these kind of people don’t get what the main point  is of everything.

I started EYP back in 2013 and I really hated it. Why was everyone so competitive and what did people want to reach with this behaviour? For me it was just a way to get to a more open view and to get involved with other people. Why did I choose to go on with it? I didn’t believe that this was the real EYP and I was pretty much sue there was more than the thing I saw. And I was right it was more.

EYP is not a normal friendship you develop. It is something above it, It goes a lot faster, people see you in every different kind of mood and that’s what kinda makes these friendships strong. The real contact may not last that very long but eventually  these will be the people where you can always count on whenever you need them.
Basically I call them always my family because they gave the same foundation as a family do. Every time I need to leave a session it breaks my heart. Just because of this reason. I cannot really explain how I feels  since this is as well pretty much different for everyone. The only thing I can say is that at every session you meet wonderful people who will go with you for a very long time. Maybe not on EYP, you will maybe not talk to them every day, but when you need them, they are somewhere for you over there.

Saying goodbye for me is obviously harder than I thought it will be. But let me get this straight, I will come back but I’m just not sure when. And I love all of you guys.

Xxx Emma

#Life-update: first sight on Romania

Whoop whoop, only 1,5 weeks until I need to head back to school! So I’m spending my last weeks at sunny Romania. Of course I’m  here for an awesome EYP-session as a journo and it is really lovely here! The session is also really good and I met lovely people as well! Of course some events are not that awesome but oh well :D!

This is also the reason why I didn’t have the time to write. At the moment I’m sitting her with my delegates GA preparation like hooray! No, it’s okay or me haha! I don’t have that much to say but on Saturday I will be travelling to Bucharest and I’m really looking forward to it


#Life: Back to school and how it fucked up my life

When living in a street with 4 schools, it’s hard to not notice that kids in Belgium need to go back to school. The First of september, it’s the big ‘ rentrée’ for primary school and high school ( no, we don’t have middle school in Belgium). I only need to go back to college until 21/09 so Im a free girl for 3  weeks. School is for some people an amazing time but for me it wasn’t. And not that many people got the reason why. 

In kindergarten I have never played like the other kids. I was always drawing and talking to the teacher. I was pretty mature for my age and very interested in why things where and science was already kind of my bitch. The bullying started from my last year in kindergarten and  ended somewhere in the 4th year of high school (=Sophomore).

Friends was something very hard for me to make. I always tried but it never really worked out what is really frustrated for a child. I was always BFF’s with my teachers. Since I had a very rough period with bullying, never been welcome somewhere and always  be blamed for everything , I started my high school career with a depression. I didn’t found out about it until I was a sophomore. Yes, it was a pretty scary year for me haha!

I will always believe that everything is my fault. I was  weird, I had other interests, I was dressed as a metalhead/Gothic like creature, I liked metal, I was not interested in going out and stuff. But I still don’t know why people didn’t like me. Well I can write a thousand of reasons but who will ever cares?

There will always be one thing I will regret the most and that was that I kinda bullied someone for a month when I was a junior. It sounds silly but every time she wanted to go out and do something with me, it was always to see her boyfriend. Her parents were very strict and boys were not okay. I really felt used and as kinda angry I ignored her and post one time a very ugly fb-status about her. I will never forgive myself for that.

Many people who know me will say that I always push people away and never let them close to me. Well duh, I’m sorry but many people have backstabbed me so many times. I want to be open and trust people but I just can’t. I am so afraid of being hurt again I prefer to  let people not that close and yes maybe it’s a mistake but I just can’t. I’m learning but recently another accident happened. I am so freaking careful and then it happens again and I just want to die or something like that.

School was a hell for me. I’m going to be honest with you guys, I was scared to go to school. I felt so horrible every time I needed to go. I’ve cut myself, I wear the scars but I’m proud of them. They are a sign that I’ve survived the horror of everything. I even attempt suicide when I was a freshman. I am happy I survived that one as well. I had a lot of new opportunities and did amazing things.

But If I may be very honest? As a college student I feel pretty alone. I have friends but oh well it doesn’t stop the feeling. And even though I’m happy I survived my attempt from a few years back. I kinda need to be honest that I recently tried again. Unfortunately, I am so very afraid of telling people about this. I’m just so scared people will not love me and see me as a very weak person  but nobody will understand how it feels. I can’t say if I regret my choice, because I’m not sure of it . There is nothing that convinced me that I’ve made the wrong choice. I’m just a very scared young lady who lost her way.

I hope your school time is a lot better than mine and nobody deserves a bad school period NOBODY.

❤ Emma

#Bookreview: Het Uur Nul- Dirk Bracke

This year I started with my mother a 50 book challenge. I need to say that she does a better job than me haha! So This was the 5th book I’ve read and this  one left a  scar behind.

A book from the year you were born.’ Not an easy task but we found a book published in 1996. Basically the storyline goes about a  young boy whose life is pretty much okay  until he founds out he has HIV. Since this book is 19 years old, you need to understand that the point of view from people to HIV has changed. For example the father is for 100% convinced about the fact that his son is gay. These stereotypes are found pretty much everywhere in this book.

I usually never read books from this author since his style of writing is very annoying for me. But I need to say that this one was very unique and very nice! HIV is not one of of my daily subjects but it was very nice to read it. The book just tells a story about how a 16-year old boy lives. Friends, girlfriend , beer, school , sex and weed.  Topics teenagers are ‘concerned ‘ about. It was also kinda heartbreaking while readin hee book. I cried a lot and never expected that I would do while reading this book. 

So which book are you reading right now :)?