#Taggie Friday: The Fun Question Tag

So what’s up humans? Today I will do the ‘ fun question tag’. Hope you will enjoy it :)!

When is your birthday?
It’s the 12th of December 1996 ūüôā

What are three of you favourite colours?
Black, Blue and darkred.

What are your three  favourite quotes?
Never trust someone who already stack a knife in your back.
Don’t worry, be happy.
Never let someone down after one mistake

Are you addicted to youtube?
Yes, I guess I am.

What are three of your favourite television programs?
The Walking Dead, De Bunker and T.

What are three qualities you like in a best friend?
Honesty, trust and fun

Do you like your name?
No, it’s too popular.

If you had the coise to pick your own name, what would it be?
Probably Amy and yeah I know it’s kinda sound alike.

What is your fantasy dream?
I don’t have one.

Do you wear make-up?
Yes, I do!

If you could write a book: what would the title be and what would it be about?
Obviously Emma: A book based on my life.

What makes you cry?
Things that happen in life.

What makes you angry?
Stupid people

What makes you happy?
I made a list of it on this blog ūüėČ

What is fangirling?
people who are really obsessed with something.

What are your 3 favourite snacks?
Popcorn, Chips and candy

What are your three favourite foods?
Yoghurt, fruit and nuts.

What are your 3 favourite drinks?

Coke, thea and water

Can you tell us a litlle bit about yourself?
Check this blog for knowing something about me!

What are three random facts about you?
I’m at the library atm.
There is a big pimple on my face who really hurts
I’m actually a horrible sleeper.
I can drink all the time.
I can touch my nose with my tongue.
I’m always tired.
I can eat everyday a sandwich.
I love magazines.
I love dogs and dislike cats.
I had a salamander once. 

What are three fun things to do?
Walking, watching tv and reading

So that’s it guys, do you have a recomondation? just ask!¬†

‚̧ Emma


#Beautifull Wednesday: Body insecurities part 2: pityriasis versicolor and weight update

First of all I want to thank everyone for the awesome comments on my last ‘beautiful¬†wednesday’-post. I was really¬†surprised¬†but I liked the comments! So thanks for supporting me¬†and reading it ūüôā

Since I’m twelve I have some weird coffee brown spots on my chest and back. Apparently it was a disease called:¬†pityriasis versicolor. It’s a yeast that attacks the¬†upper layer¬†of the skin. So¬†basically it only itches and it doesn’t look nice at all. It kinda makes me feel really insecure. But I’m happy that there is a shampoo that makes the spots invisible. Unfo the spots on my body are too light to see on picture so I will show some google pictures.

And how about my weight ¬†thingy? Well, apparently I’m completely not¬†overweight¬†and stuff and¬†my fat percentage was also pretty much okay. Just searching for the perfect body tho. But already 2kg has gone and officially went from 57.2kg to 55.1 kg :D! Also my fat is reduced from 16.8kg until 12.4 kg which is also pretty gut! So I limited the amount of candy,ate a lot of grain biscuits. Left red meat behind, ate more fruit, drank more tea and¬†water¬†and last but not least shrinked my soda use! Unfo I didn’t have the time ¬†to work-out.¬†

Next week I will switch wednesday with friday. Why? well you will see :)!

‚̧ Emma

Music Monday: 10 random songs In my language

I guess, most off you people know that I live in Belgium (otherwise it would be kinda weird right?). I f you have any idea about Belgium you would know that we have three languages: Dutch, French and German. My first language is Dutch so in my opinion it would be fun if I would put some Dutch songs for this Music monday edition! I will not are about the fact if the music is from the Netherlands or if it is Flemish (= Belgian Dutch). For me it is THE SAME!

Droom- Kraantje Pappie

Thunder- Yellow Claw ft. The Opposites

Helemaal Naar De Klote- The Partysquad

Dat Ik Je Mis- Maaike Ouboter

Hij Die Wacht- Kommil Foo

Basically his is the only song where I will put something interesting. This is a cabaret song from one of my favourite cabaret Shows from Kommil Foo. I really love these guys and I saw their show ‘Breken’ 2 years ago. I still love my mom for buying me the tickets ‚̧

Monster- De Fanfaar

Lacht nor mij- Slongs dievanons ( this is in my dialect)

Afscheid van een vriend- Clouseau

Onderweg- Abel

De Bom- Doe Maar

So guys, hope you liked this ten songs :D. What are your favorite songs in your language? What theme would you like to see in Music Monday?

#Life-Update sunday: Money, Kids and falling off the stairs

So basically peeps, you might have noticed that I did a few changes on my blog. The biggest and to be honest the only change is the ‘category’- days. But I need to say that I already failed with it because there was na post on friday and saturday and yes, there needs to be one! Why did ¬†I do this? to make it easier for myself for writing down stuff and for you guys easy to know when certain posts are being posted.
Music Monday: On monday I will post 10 songs and I comment why I love them. If you guys want to see kind of genres or for certain¬†occasions, don’t hesitate to ask me :)!
Beautiful wednesday: On wednesday I will post beauty related stuff. It can be about hitting the gym or about a new healthy recepy or some beauty habits I have. You might even have some OFTW or some shoplogs :)!
Taggie friday: I know you need to be¬†tagged¬†in a tag before you can do i but hey, my name¬†wouldn’t be Emma if I did everything according to the rules!
Review saturday: On saturday you will  have some reviews about anything: make-up, tv, books, make-up, blogs and etc.
Life-update Sunday: This just the thing I’ve been doing here for the whole time haha!
Sometimes you will have random post on Tuesday, Thursday and sunday but normally this will not happen a lot since I still need some time for school and etc.

So to be honest nothing much¬†happened¬†in my life, just went to school just earned money with¬†working and babysitting. The only ‘cool’ thing that happen was me falling of the stairs and needed to go to the hospital. I have still a lot off pain but it is pretty much okay now. So basically that was my week haha :D.

Are you guys happy with this new system? Do you guys have some requests?

‚̧ Emma

#Beautiful wednesday: My body insecurities and new health plan

We all know that in every culture there is some kind of ‘unwritten’ law how your body has to look like. I guess that everyone I know and even every one on this planet has some kind of insecurities upon their body.

Basically I have a really big issue with my weight. 1 year ago I only weigh for like 47kg. And now this morning it was 55,7kg. Last year suddenly my breast grew ad I know that many women who will really love this, but I was very happy with my small breasts. So yes fo me this was a certain shock and I reeally cried fo it. I went from size 36 to 38 and even though it’s not that much, it made me feel really insecure about anything.

Am I going to do something about it? I say it for a very long time but I decided to finally do something about it to write about it for you guys. But what is my plan? basically I will  try to be more fit and eat healthier for one month. I will eat less candy bars and unhealthy cookies. Also I will eat more fruit, drink ore water and tea. Problem I have? stay away from the sdda. Because this will totally not be easy I will limit myself by drinking 2 glasses of soda. Also I ill try to start running or a least do some workouts. Since I kinda never have the time for it I will try to make time for it!
So stay tuned every wednesday because you will get an updae on beautiful wednesday!

‚̧ Emma

#Music Monday: 10 random favourite songs

So basically I decided to ¬†try something¬†new¬†and here is part one of it! If you might know,¬†music has been a big part of my life. I could not think about a life without music. But since you guys obviously don’t know¬†anything¬†abut my kind of ¬†music, I decided to introduce the¬†‘music monday’. Every monday you well get some different songs in order to different subjects. Today ¬†I chose 10 random songs I really love or I just really like. Hope you guys enjoy This and¬†other¬†wise I failed in it of course haha :D.¬†

Be Like That- 3 doors down
I need to say that this is not my¬†favorite¬†song of them but it is one of my favourite songs. I didn’t¬†here it in a very long while, but when I heard it again, I was in love again. I saw three doors down live back ¬†in ¬†2013 and I really loved their performance.

Avicii- Waiting For Love
Yes, if I can be completely honest, I’m in love with the songs of Avicii. ¬†Or at least with the popular ones. Even though this one doesn’t have that much lyrics, the lyrics who are in it are pretty beautiful and relatable. Well done Sweden!

Famous Last Words- My Chemical Romance
Maybe it’s shocking for you but yes, even I had my emo period. And yes, how stereotypical it could be MCR was on of my favourite bands. This song gave me and still gives me a lot of power. I could only say to people, listen to the song and the lyrics. I hope you will get my opinion.

Try Again- Das Pop
In my opinion this is one of the pearls from the Belgian music industry. I really love their music and this song is terrific! So please, just listen to it :)!

Vodka- Korpiklaani
I get so happy everytime I hear this song! Yes, i is a metal song but if you know me,  you know this is my favourite music genre. Btw, did you know that Vodka is my favourite Alcoholic drink?

Bullet- Hollywood Undead
I think I know this group since 2007. What I like about this song, is the fact that it is a suicidal song but with a happy sound. It makes he subject bearable and it maybe even puts it out of the Taboo sphere. 

Stay Together for the kids- Blink 182
Of course Blink 182 belongs in this list as well! I loved them since I was 11 I guess and they are still one of my favourite bands!

Sometimes- Papa roach
I think this is one of the songs that helped me to stay alive. I had a pretty rough time as a kid so I was very happy I had this magical power of music. And yes, papa roach is one of those emo bands but I just like there music as well without putting a label on it :).

Wait and Bleed- Slipknot

My all time favourite band? definitely  Slipknot. Without any further comment about it!

The bad Touch- The Bloodhound Gang
Last but not least: The Bad Touch! I guess everyone knows this song or at least heart it once. This is for me the first sing a long song when I was a toddler even though I didn’t speak any English at all.¬†

So Guys what are you favourite songs? Is their a special theme you want to see in Music Monday :)? Please leave a comment!

‚̧ Emma

#tag: Flemish Bloging tag

Hey hey everyone! I found this tag on youtube but I thought :’ hey let’s make a blog version of it!’. The tag was made by Beautybybirgit. I love her channel! Unfo it is in Dutch. I will write the link to her channel down this tag. Thanks mates ‚̧

1. Name
Emma and I’m blogging of course on this one : another Belgian Student life!
2. Age
Currently 18 but my b-day is the 12th of December ūüėÄ
3. Provincie
I live in lovely Antwerp :D!
4. Why did you start blogging?
I started 2 years ago with:’ another belgian teen life.’ basically it was me¬†whining¬†about my¬†life because I was tired of always need to tell people what as wrong with me.
5. who’s your biggest inspiration?
It will probably be my own mind haha!
6. How long have you been doing this?
I started back in March 2013 ūüôā
7.What kind of blogs are you focussing on?
To be honest? non, I just post things where I care about and feel like sharing
8. Do you do other things then it?
Euhm, no, since I won’t post hings about stuff that doesn’t interest me.
9.How do you see yourself in 5 years in the blogging world?
Good question, Hopefully I will still be blogging and I hope that a lot of people ill follow my life!
10. Why should people follow you?
Because I’m really a one in a kind person. I will always be honest with everyone and will always show who I really am. Prolly I’m totally no original in my posts but at least I’m honest :).
11. When do you publish?
At least once a week. sometimes more. I do whenever I have to and Creativity :).
12. Social media links
e-mail: ecauwelaers@gmail.com

So this was a random tag hope you enjoyed it and see you next time boys and girls!