#Life-update: Sleepless night

What’s up guys? apparently I’m awake  at 5 am. Or at least it is when I started to write this post. No, I didn’t need to get up like super early. Yes, I’m just still awake. Even though I should better go to sleep. I am just not able to catch some sleep for a lot of reasons. And of course  will talk about it during this post.

As you guys might know, I start my exams on the 5th. I’m really nervous although in my opinion I don’t need to be nervous. Normally it will go pretty well but still. I already failed one year and I don’t want to  fail this one again. I try to study really hard but for some reason my head is so stubborn and doesn’t want to listen to me at all haha. So please guys, keep your fingers crossed for me pretty please!

And of course this is not the only thing where my head loves to play some tricks. It’s something I already want to talk about for a very long time but since some recent events, I guess it’s now the time to reveal the mystery topic! Of course it is just about relationships. I’m almost 1 year single now and in my opinion it is a really long time for me. To be honest, I have chosen for this path since my last relationship and just my relationships in general all made me fucked up and crazy.
Eventually after being single so long it was time for me to ‘try again’. I need to say that it is pretty much fucked up again. I know that it is completely my fault now but for some reason it’s kinda harsh. Okay, I should really stop to talk in riddles I know. So I recently met a guy who is like almost perfect for me, really sweet, funny and handsome and okay that’s it. In my opinion we have a connection and I really like just the way he is. Okay never mind. The only part where I really fail is believing. I wish I could say I believed him when he says he wants it to go slowly for me and that he will not give up on me even not after the exams. I really want to believe it but unfortunately  I simply can’t. And it keeps me up right now. I’ve even cried a lot tonight. All because I just dp”t know what to think. From one side I’m just so scared to get hurt all over again  but on the other side I will never forgive myself if I just let him go. 

I need to say that these to things are the only reason why I’m still awake at 6AM. It’s kinda killing me. But I can only hope, that tomorrow will be a better day and night to be awake/sleeping.

❤ Emma


#Shop-haul: Lush

First things first, the most nicest things I’ve ever used from products are the Lush ones! Vegie and sometimes even Vegan products is something you can find over there. Also a brand who is against animal testing so do I need to give another reason to buy at Lush? 

Maybe an intresting thing why I decided to start shopping with Lush. It started at the beginning of this year, I read a lot of positive comments and I was curious. Only thing is that it is kinda expensive but for some reasons I’m like:’ never mind just give yourself a gift.’.
Also like you guys might know I’m a traveller and they have really nice products for on the go. So check out the site or the most closest store ;).

foto 3

Snow Fairy- Showergel (limited edition)

If you are not able to fall in love with this smell there is something wrong with you! This is a limited edition that comes back every year around christmas and it smells like candy.

foto 1 (1)

Robot ( forgot the name tho)- Bathbomb

I haven’t used it already but according to many humans this one should be really nice. So I hope I can try it really soon :D!

foto 2 (1)

foto 5

Whoosh- Shower Jelly

Need to say that I’m totally in love with this one! This is shower gel but made like some fun Jello. It really smells nice and I would recommend this one to everyone out there!

foto 4

Tooth Fairy- Powder Toothpaste- Limited edition

Reason why I bought this one was simple because of travelling. It’s compact, no problems with liquids. It’s straweberry flavou and has glitters in it. Didn’t test it already but it looks really nice TBH.

So guys this was my haul I hope you really liked it.
QOFTD: What things of Lush do you own? Any recomandants?

VVDD: Welke producten hebben jullie van Lush?  Hebben jullie aanraders?

❤ Emma

#Life-update: messed up December

Hello my dearies.
I know December wasn’t a very productive month on my blog for the simple reason of time of course! And now I have an upcoming period of exams ><‘. I will try to work a bit forward but I can’t promise tho!

So as usual December is for me a month of party’s! In Belgium we celeebrate the 6th December Sinterklaas. And yes, I still got present for this holiday. My mom her birthday is only the next day and the 12th was finally my 19th birthday! The last year I can celebrate that I’m a teen! But to be honest I  don’t think it is special or something. So tthis was just a random thing to say haha!

Also December was a pretty hard month as well. Not only by the fct that it’s getting darker but also because of a medical condition. After almost having back pain for one year, I recently found out that I’m dealing with a hernia. Okay it’s not really a disaster but still it’s not fun to have it already! So I had to quite my job for a while but hopefully I can start again or start somewhere else!


How has your december already been? (You may answer in Dutch, English , French and German 🙂 )

xoxo Emma

#Gift-guide: Gifts I really want

I haven’t posted in a while since I’ve been very busy with school and stuff ( I realise now how much I sound like Rick from TWD) . So since December is for me the month of christmas, My Birthday and Sinterklaas ( Or for the people who watch south park: WunterSlaush) I’ve already received a lot of gifts but I still need to get some of course So I will Put them in a post as well  at the beginning of January. But now I’m going to post a few thing from my wishlist!

1. Gwen Stefani Palette by Urban Decay

2. Money: For travelling

I you know me, you would know that I quitted traveling for a while for school and money issues. But I  really want to start travelling again. But maybe i would be more nice if I could have some travelling buddies with me :)! So candidates? Haha!

3. A M.A.C. lipstick

4. Lush Bathbombs

5.Shop till you drop day

So guys, this is basically my wishlist at the moment. Of course there is other stuff I would like to receive but this is like my ultimate wishlist.

QOTD: What stands on your wishlist?