#life-update: vacation, My greatgrandmother past and making my desk school proof

So hey my  littluns, I’ve been back home from my vacation since yesterday. I had a really lovely time in the Netherlands and I wish I could go back. Some of you might not know but I’m really in love with the Netherlands. reasons why? People are in general more friendly and they’ve got enough nature. At least more than we have. So if I could go back I would do that  instantly! We were sleeping ona small farm with pony’s, alpaca’s, walibi’s and deer. We were able to feed them and take care of them. It was just a really nice experience.

Unfo, I have some bad news. My greatgrandmother past away this morning. One week ago, there were some complications but today she  gave up. She was 94 years old and I hope that she finally found the rest she deserves because she was a great woman.

It’s saturday and it basically means that I have to work tomorrow.  Normally I would work for school but I feel really down so I’m not in the mood at all to work for school. So I decided to clean up my desk since school starts back on monday and I’m really nervous for it! So I hope it will work  out!

My life has been very boring so this is all I’ve  got to say Hope you guys are doing alright  and I will talk to you guys pretty soon bubye.

❤ Emma


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