#life-update: She’s still alive

Littluns, normally I’m fucking back :D.

I’m sorry for not being there again. It has been a very long rough time for me but I finally found some intresting things to do on this blog. So normally you will heear more from me from now on.

Good news, it will still be in English but for some posts we will get a Dutch video :D. So if we talk about reviews  and such, you will no get them in Dutch. So yes, I’m starting again with my youtube chanel! but this time in Dutch :D.

The funiest part is that this is like the only big thing about my blog hahaha ;D. I’m also working on a kind of trademark stuff. Also I’m kinda working on the lay-out of this shit haha.

So hunny’s soon, this will be all better, I promise everything will be alright 😀  ❤

xxx  Emma


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