10 Ways to Survive Your Exams

Hello my dearies, it’ the beginning of June and for me it means that my exams have already started. So I wanted to share with you guys my ways of preparing an exam. Also for this post is a Dutch video available for you guys. Hope I can help you out and good luck with your exams!

  1. First of all, you can never ever start too soon with studying for your exams. So even when your exam is only in four months ahead of you, just do it. When you have a dead moment and you’re bored? Grab a book and study.
  2. Before you start studying for your exam be sure that you have every note of every single class. For example, this semester I was a lot ill and too tired to go down to classes. I asked my friends to keep notes and I was ready for my exam since I had all the notes. So go check your friends on this one.
  3. Try to find your perfect study method. Mostly you have two groups: the visual and the audio learners. I’m an audio learner. I need to say everything out loud to learn my subject. So find out what works perfectly for you. Do you work better with a book or a resume? Writing or reading? Find these kind of this out for yourself.
  4. Take enough breaks. I hear a lot of people saying that eating is a waste of time during exam periods but please take you breaks. I ensure you that your head will even more explode if you don’t. Your brain needs to relax as well you know!
  5. Drink enough water. Hydration is one of the most important components of a healthy lifestyle. And of course it is just as important while studying. Don’t like water? Choose Tea instead.
  6. Eat healthy. Yes, choose for a banana instead of a cookie. This will boost your brain even more and will help you as well with that low sugar. Also vitamins will help you even more and will make you feel energized as well!
  7. Give yourself a treat. I know people who may eat an m&m or you can buy something online or whatever if they finished a character. Just keep yourself motivated and of course don’t over eat yourself with this hahahaha.
  8. Talk to other people. When you’re feeling down, the only right way to get up is by talking with your family or friends or whatever. It can be a pretty hard stress relieve. Never have the feeling that you are alone!
  9. Be sure you sleep enough. By saying up all night, your brains won’t have the time to recap everything you’ve learnt that day. Try to sleep between 6-9 hours a day.
  10. And of course shake that body. I’m the most active during my exams for the reason that keep on moving is one of the most important things to keep that brian working. So go outside whenever you have a break or go running or whatever.

Good luck lovelies ❤
xxx Emma


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